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August 22nd, 2007

08:53 pm: Please come home.
Dear Peeps,

I have no idea if you will read this but I told Higgs and he promised to tell you about my journal.

Everyone keeps telling me I have to wait until you are ready before I can talk to you.  That doesn't make any sense to me.  I'm sorry but it doesn't.  It is even weirder for me because you and I are already good friends.  I just want to tell you that you don't have to be scared.  It's just me, your friend, Dwin... and we found out we're related.  I have been thinking about all this and I think maybe you would feel more comfortable if you thought about me like a cousin or something for a little while and then later you could start to think about me like a son.  You don't have to do or be anything but yourself, Peeps.  I promise I won't ask any questions that might make you feel bad or think about things you don't want to think about.  I really only want to just be with you... like spend some time together before I have to go back to school.  My Mom said finding out about me might have brought back some bad memories for you.  I hope you're okay.  I would never want to make you feel bad.  You know I feel totally lucky.  I mean, how many people are actually really good friends with their Dads.  You and I are already good friends so we don't have to even worry like if we're going to get along and all that stuff.  I have spent my whole life wondering who my Mom and my Dad are... if they were nice people.. if they were alive and what happened to them and why they couldn't be with me.  And now I know.  I just want you to know that you don't have to be anything other than you and you don't have to talk about the past.  I know enough.  I know you are my Dad.  Maybe someday you will want to talk to me about everything else and that will be okay too.  And one more thing, I want you to know I am wicked happy to know you are my Dad.  

Please come home.


Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

August 6th, 2007

11:13 am: Please call me Dwin again

Well I'm back.  Mister Gerold explained everything to me.  It is really really wicked scary and I still don't remember what happened.  Mister Gerold said it is probably good that I don't remember.  I saw one of the videos of me possessed by the Eidolon of Mr. Johnson.  It scared me.  Mister Gerold was so mad that I saw it but I told him that I want to see what happened to me.  I hate not remembering what happened.  I want to find out how everybody else is doing.  Did we ever find Higgs?  I just read Happy's livejournal to kinda catch up.  Who is Mr. Fangs?  He sounds like Mister Abbott to me.  .  Has anyone seen my Mom?  Do you know if she's somewhere on the dark side?  Is she with kona and those guys?  If you guys know where she is can you send her a message from me?  Tell her I'm okay now and that she should not worry about me.  I'm really going to be fine and she should just find a way to come home.  Tell her I miss her very much.  Thanks you guys.  One more question.  Are all you Sammeeeees okay?  


Current Mood: worriedworried

July 10th, 2007

07:40 am: Happy's Birthday!
Mister Gerold said I should stay away from your LJ, Happy, but I hope you see this post.  I just want to say happy birthday to you.  I wish I could be there in California to have a party for you.  Is Jayne throwing you a party?  I hope so.  I think you know how much you mean to me.  I mean you are like a second Mom and a best friend all at the same time.  Whenever I'm having a hard time I always think about the things you said to me when we were Mr. Johnson's prisoners last year.  You were so strong and kept us all from losing it so many times.  I don't know what would have happened if it weren't for you.  You're also the kind of friend who is always there for me when I need you.  I know you can't come to Maine but I wish I had you with me now.  I feel so lost and so confused and scared about what is going on.  Seems like everyday Mom gets further and further away from me.  I can tell I'm scaring everybody.  And the worst part is I feel out of control.  I can't make it stop.   I wish it would all go away!  If you want to write to me, you can write to me through Mister Gerold.  He said it would be safe to give messages to him that are for me.  I miss you.

Happy Birthday, Happy!

Current Mood: scaredscared

July 8th, 2007

09:06 pm: Trinket
I read Happy's LJ.  I can't believe Trinket would do that to herself.  The minute I read it this morning I started to cry.  Does that sound stupid?  It probably does but I don't care.  I love Trinket like a big sister.  She's always been so nice to me.  When were held by Mr. Johnson last fall she was having a really hard time but you know she was always taking care of me even when she got so sad.  Do you guys think she'll be okay?  I mean, she's in the hospital now so they'll make sure she's safe and gets better.  Right?  I want everybody to know it wasn't me.  I didn't take her or whatever it is.  I would never hurt any of you guys.  You are my favorite people in the world.  Please don't hate me for something that Mr. Johnson's ghost might be doing to me or through me.  Okay?  I miss everybody so much.  Please write to me through Mister Gerold if you're scared to write to me directly.  I feel completely alone in the world right now.  And I also want to be sure everybody else is okay.


Current Mood: lonelylonely

July 5th, 2007

07:04 am: Mr. Gerold put salt on the floor of my room.
My Mom and Mr. Gerold sat me down last night and told me the whole truth of what they think is going on.  Now I understand why I haven't heard from any of my Sammeeeee friends in so long.  You guys are afraid of me.  I don't get this.  I don't feel any different.  There is stuff that Mr. Gerold and my Mom tell me that I don't remember.  It seems like they're making it up but I don't know why would they do that.  Mom said I'm actually dangerous to all of you.  I'm sorry.  I hope I haven't hurt anyone.  Just know it isn't me.  Okay?  I would feel wicked bad if anyone ended up being taken or whatever it is that's happening because of me.  Mr. Gerold has me writing down all my feelings and my day dreams and my night dreams (and nightmares too).  I hate to talk about this kind of stuff but Mom said it might help Mr. Gerold fight off Mr. Johnson's Eidolon.  Mom said they're trying to figure out how he gained access to me in the first place.  Like did I do something or whatever that made me his target.  How weird is this?  Mr. Gerold said you guys can write to him if you want to talk to me.  He will send me the messages and then I can write to you guys here.  He said this should be safe since it isn't direct contact.  I kinda wish my Mom had told me what was going on a long time ago.  She said she thought she could handle all this and stop Mr. Johnson.  I don't know.  It makes me feel bad that I wasn't told.  I mean, it's me.  He's after me!  Sorry, but it makes me really mad and really disappointed.  Everybody seemed to know but me.

Enough on that stuff.  One cool thing that's happening is that I'm going to see Campobello Island today.  I can't wait to see it.  Mom said it's some old president house.  I think old stuff is really cool.


Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed

July 2nd, 2007

01:22 pm: Mr. Gerold has bad breath
I'm not kidding!  The guy was in my face last night and asking me all these random questions with the worst breath I've ever smelled.  Mostly he asked me about last December and stuff about Mr. Johnson.  He wanted to know if Mr. Johnson's ghost ever came to visit me.  He also wanted to know if I ever remembered going places in my dreams.  He kinda scares me.  I have dreams but I don't think I really go to the places that I dream about.  That would be wicked strange and would probably make people think I'm crazy.  I started thinking maybe my Mom thinks I'm crazy or something like that.  I asked Mr. Gerold about Peeps and he told me not to worry about Peeps.  What does that mean?  I still haven't heard from any Sammeeeee buds.  Where is everyone?  Are you on vacation for the 4th of July?


Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

July 1st, 2007

12:35 pm: a little brother
Sara and Alan stayed at a motel in town for two nights.  I barely saw Sara but I hung out with Alan a lot.  He's a really nice kid.  Kinda made me want to have a little brother.  It would be fun to have someone that looks up to you and that you can show stuff to and I don't know -  It might be kinda cool.  My Mom was acting nervous again and she would never leave us alone.  I think she's afraid because Alan is so much younger than I am that he might hurt himself trying to do whatever I can do.  Like we were in the back yard and I was showing him how to climb this apple tree.  Apple trees are wicked easy to climb.  My Mom got so mad at me.  It was like she thought I was gonna hurt him.  It's weird because I was really being careful with him.  I know he's only a kid.  I feel like my Mom is afraid of me a lot of the time.  I don't get it.  I have never done anything in my whole life that would make somebody afraid of me.   I would never hurt a soul.  This all started last winter and it's just gotten worse.  Has anyone talked to my Mom?  Did she say anything about me?  or anything?  Maybe this is how Mom's act.  I don't know.  She's my first real kinda Mom.  Mr. Gerold is coming over tonight to talk to me alone.  Doesn't that sound weird?  I barely know this guy but my Mom said I have to talk to him about some stuff that's happening with Peeps and the Tall Man and Higgs and some of the other Sammeeeees.  I will write to you guys later and tell you what happens.


Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable

June 28th, 2007

01:44 pm: Sara and Alan and the Windjammers!
My Mom took me to Boothbay Harbor for the Windjammer celebration!  It was so fun!  Yesterday was Windjammer Day and they had a parade and these huge boats came into the harbor that look like old sailing ships!  It was so cool!  We spent the night there and came back to Lubec this morning.   It was a long drive but it was really fun.  My Mom was the most relaxed that I've seen her in like forever.  And then like an hour ago Sara and Alan knocked on our door.  They came up to Lubec for a surprise visit!  My Mom seems really uncomfortable about them being here.  Sara wants to see Peeps.  My Mom is talking to her outside right now.  I'm sure my Mom is saying Peeps isn't there.  It's a lie.  Peeps is there.  And I know for sure that Mr. Gerold is staying with him.  Mr. Gerold left our house like the first day he was here and he hasn't been back.  All my friends have seen Peeps and Mr. Gerold out in Peeps' garden.  Wonder what Mr. Gerold is doing with Peeps.  Hey, Happy, I just got your email.  I promise I will write to you later.  You should come for a visit!


Current Mood: bouncybouncy

June 25th, 2007

08:37 pm: Maine is wicked fun!
Since I've been here I've found three new favorite foods.  Whoopie pies, lobster, and Moxie soda!  I guess Moxie isn't a food but it is so good!  My Mom thinks it's disgusting.  I have also been collecting sea glass and shells.  The ocean is really cold so I'm swimming at a pond nearby.  I've met some kids to hang out with that are also here for just the summer.  Two of them live near Peeps house.  They both say that Peeps is a crazy guy.  I told them I knew him and they thought I was lying.  I kinda left it alone.  I'm afraid to even go near his house.  My Mom said Peeps is not really even here.  I don't get it.  My friends said they see him everyday wandering around in his garden.  Have you guys heard from him?  What's going on?  What's up with Trinket's new MySpace?  Sorry for all the questions but I haven't really heard from anyone.  I gotta go.  I will try to write soon.

June 20th, 2007

05:43 pm: WE'RE IN MAINE!!!
Hey Sammeeeees!!!  Mom and I are in Maine.  I haven't been to see Peeps yet.  Mom said I have to stay away from him for now.  Mr. Gerold will go and check on him tonight.  You should see my room!  It is wicked great!  I can see the ocean and I can hear a fog horn!  I love it!  What's going on with Trinket's MySpace?  That avatar makes me laugh.  Is she like a ghost?  Anything new with Ben?  Is he going to be okay?  I better write to Happy and say hi.

Current Mood: happyhappy
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